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An introduction from Eskimo Recordings:


Mees Dierdorp - known for his majestic melodic productions, is yet again delivering to the world something special on October 13, 2014, with his newest EP Aviar Alom, out on Eskimo Recordings. A true musician at heart, Mees' latest works Aviar Alom and Las Paranas speak volumes, as they represent his unique sound which conveys a burning creative soul at its core. Mees tells a story behind each track, making this EP even more personable, representing friendships, love, connections, struggle and stories.




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Talkin Bout EP out now!




An introduction from Poesie Music:


For POM 018 Poesie Musik ventures to Amsterdam to release two brand new tracks by the dutch producer Mees Dierdorp. The much talented electronic music producer started his own MEES imprint label in 2012 on which he released the album length material on „Wild Window” in 2013. Those releases and his DJ abilities created enough booking activities and worldwide spotlight which lead to DJ Gigs at Ibiza’s DC10 for Circo Loco, Fusion and countless other clubs all over Europe. For Poesie Musik Mees Dierdorp delivers two great melodic house tracks with intense atmospheric vibes. „Talkin Bout“ uses effectively some vocal snippets to build tension around the almost classic deephouse track with nice chords and good use of instruments. „Wavers Huwol“ gets carried by a heavy, almost indie bassline and slighty distorted spooky synth lines.







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Mees Dierdorp has been creating waves beyond boundaries from the moment he first started composing music - and his broad love of the artistic side of the spectrum shines through on his new album, Wild Window.


Experimenting with poetry, soul, improvisational acoustics and modern dance sounds, his is a style that's hard to grasp, although subtle swings and soulful warmth are always encapsulated. To create a space for similarly minded art-lovers who are not afraid to explore (and indeed, push) the boundaries, Dierdorp decided to pursue his own imprint, with MEES Records coming to life in 2012.


His debut album, Wild Window, comprises a selection of his works developed in the past year, with everything from atmospheric poetry to live-instruments to modern tech-house and warm dance-floor fillers all finding favour. Sit back and take it all in as best you can.



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CD - Wild Window (MEES Records - 2014)

CD - Naldroma Moving (MEES Records - 2012)


EP - Talkin Bout (Poesie Musik - 2014)

EP - Kosme Vife (MNL / Manual - 2013)

EP - Roane Toaken (MEES Records)

EP - Crave the Day (Fever - 2013)

EP - Smile for You (MEES Records)

EP - Caleon Mis (MEES Records)


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