Mees Dierdorp has been creating waves beyond boundaries from the moment he first started composing music – and his broad love of the artistic side of the spectrum shines through on his productions. Experimenting with poetry, soul, improvisational acoustics and modern dance sounds, his is a style that’s hard to grasp, although subtle swings and soulful warmth are always encapsulated.

This Amsterdam based producer successfully delivered his debut album Wild Window, a 14-track ride which has everything from atmospheric poetry to live-instruments to modern tech-house and warm dance-floorfillers. Those releases and his DJ abilities created enough booking activities and worldwide spotlight which lead to a residency at Ibiza’s DC10 for Circoloco and performances at Glastonbury, Fusion, DGTL, Paradiso and Extrema Outdoor to name a few.

Later on, new EP’s were being released on Poesie Musik (Get Physical), Eskimo Recordings and Mees Records, bringing a sound delivering live music in an electronic package for modern dance floors. With remixes for the likes of Nina Simone, Pupkulies and Rebecca, and Hydrogen Sea, the world is starting to open their eyes and ears for Mees’ unique sound. Driving basses, swinging hi-hats and soulful touches are making heads and hips move on the dance floor, while smiles are created.

Mees Dierdorp will keep on exploring new instruments and sounds while touring the world with his music: Come and join the ride.

Full discography:

EP – Aviar Alom (Eskimo)
EP – Talkin Bout (Poesie Musik)
EP – Kosme Vife (MNL / Manual)
EP – Roane Toaken (MEES Rec)
EP – Crave the Day (Fever)
EP – Smile for You (MEES Rec)
EP – Caleon Mis (MEES Rec)
LP – Naldroma Moving (MER)
Nina Simone – Loves You Porgy
Pupkullies & Rebecca – You and Me
Hydrogen Sea – Wear Out


Printworks (London, GB)
Ambasada Gavioli (Izola, SL)
Doornroosje (Nijmegen, NL)
Loveland ADE (Amsterdam, NL)
ADE Opening W (Amsterdam, NL)
Annabel (Rotterdam, NL)
Circoloco DC10 (Ibiza, SP)
Ondiep (Amsterdam, NL)
Alice in Docks (Hamburg, DE)
Budapest Park (Budapest, HU)
Mitte (Istanbul, TR)
Ritter Butzke (Berlin, DE)
Trossen Los (Boat, NL)
Paul Kalkbrenner (Ibiza, SP)
Festivari (Zandvoort, NL)
Thuishaven (Amsterdam, NL)
Wildeburg (Kraggeburg, NL)
El Chirinquito (Dubai, UE)
Verknipt (Amsterdam, NL)
Odra Paney (Wroclaw, PL)
Mystic Garden (Amsterdam, NL)
Pleinvrees am strand (Blijburg, NL)
Except (Utrecht, NL)
24 hour Culture (Amsterdam, NL)
Great stuff (Riga, LE)
Complex (Maastricht, NL)
Switch Festival, Utrecht, NL)
RCO (Sugarfactory, NL)
Nachtcollege (Eindhoven, NL)
Basis (Utrecht, NL)
Boomroom (Hilversum, NL)
3000 Grad (Berlin, DE)
El Chirinquito (Dubai, EM)

Einmusik (Utrecht, NL)
Plus (Amsterdam, NL)
Technobrunch (DE)
Herfstbal (Blijburg, NL)
Halloween (Montpellier, FR)
Sugarfactory (ADE, NL)
Pleinvrees (ADE, NL)
Wearee (ADE, NL)
Circoloco closing (Ibiza, SP)
Circoloco DC10 (Ibiza, SP)
Woosah (Den Haag, NL)
Woomoon (Ibiza, SP)
Plotzlich am mehr (PL)
Landjuweel (Ruigoord, NL)
Loveland (Amsterdam, NL)
Thuishaven (Amsterdam, NL)
Ivo’s reunion (Keulen, DE)
A day at the park (Amsterdam, NL)
Storytellers (Ibiza, SP)
Marie Blake (London, GB)
Secret (NL)
Mystic Garden (Amsterdam, NL)
Shoeless (Amsterdam, NL)
De Zon (Amsterdam, NL)
Canvas (Amsterdam, NL)
Nuba (Paris, FR)
Circoloco (Tokyo, JP)
Claydrum (Maastricht, NL)
Nobel (Leiden, NL)
Basis (Utrecht, NL)
Shoeless (Zurich, CH)
Overvloed (Amsterdam, NL)
Proton (Breda, NL)
Docks (Hamburg, DE)
Amsterdam FM (NL)
Rise (Marseille, FR)
Pleinvrees (Utrecht, NL)
Laetitia (Rome, IT)
Pleinvrees (Eindhoven, NL)
Loveland (Amsterdam, NL)
Ritter Butzke (Berlin, DE)

Sisyphos (Berlin, DE)
Valhalla (Amsterdam, NL)
Westerunie (Amsterdam, NL)
Thuishaven (Amsterdam, NL)
Sleep no more (New York, USA)
Het Sieraad (Amsterdam, NL)
OTTO10 (Paris, FR)
ADE Special (Amsterdam, NL)
The Deep Toffler (Rotterdam, NL)
I Feel (New York, USA)
Circoloco DC10 (Ibiza, SP)
LIVE @ Concertgebouw (Amsterdam, NL)
LIVE @ Pleinvrees Heroes (Amsterdam, NL)
Isle 9 (Hawaii)
Chinatown takeover (Hawaii)
Honolulu Town (Hawaii)
LIVE @ Shoeless (NL)
Cirque Magique (Ledegem, BE)
Earth (Ibiza, SP)
LIVE @ Carl Cox Rome (IT)
Thuishaven op reis
Buiten Westen (Amsterdam, NL)
Extrema 20 years (Best, NL)
Trossen Los (NL)
Glastonbury Festival (EN)
LIVE @ private Alma (NL)
Pop Up BW (NL)
You are amazing (now)
La Reve (Amsterdam, NL)
LalaLand (Harderwijk, NL)
Circo Loco DC10 (Ibiza, SP)
De Zon Festival (Amsterdam, NL)
Extrema Outdoor (Helchteren,BE)
Thuishaven (Amsterdam, NL)
Zware Dobber (Utrecht, NL)
Replay Festival (Herentals, BE)
Melodika (Leiden, NL)
DGTL Festival (Amsterdam, NL)
Nachtcollege (Groningen, NL)
Loveland Weekender (Meerdal, NL)
Ritter Butzke (Berlin, DE)
Nachtbrigade (Amersfoort, NL)
Pleinvrees Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL)
Secret Live (Amsterdam, NL)
Pleinvrees on Tour (Groningen, NL)
Labyrinth Club (Antwerp, BE)
3000grad winterfest (Berlin, DE)